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With Passion for Precision

Our experiences range from: Car, chemical, lacquer, logistics and mechanical industries. We offer complete solutions in the modern field of mechatronics.

These fields range all from regular and basic solutions to the most complex and able hydraulic, pneumatic, electrotechnical and computer based systems.

We are leaders on the field of Industrial, electrical and mechanical assembly, manufacture of switch boxes, projection and manufacture of automated systems and industrial-electrical installations, machine building, field repairs of machines and devices, also construction of transport technics, steel-aluminum based constructions, directly tried with MIG/MAG/TIG welding.

At our Service Centre, we also perform repairs of all sorts of tools and machines, be it electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic solutions. We also manufacture and refine other smaller metal products of all sorts…

Our goal is to always find a way to achieve the desired “positive” results at the most affordable and comfortable costs to our clients!

We differentiate from others with our Dedication to our work – a bit of “hardheadedness” – and our own knowledge and long experiences in our field.

ANpro Technik d.o.o.

Industrial Services

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